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sooth consulting...where did it come from?

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

After more than a fantastic (no exaggeration - best place I’ve ever worked) five years at Pure Planet, in a role I loved, with the freedom to design the service experience, team culture and performance management approach I wanted, it was abruptly halted by forces beyond our control #pricecap (if you know, you know).

Since Pure Planet was cut short I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about ‘what next’ as humans often do when there’s a schism they’ve not created or necessarily expected. For me I spent time focusing on the things I love doing - interacting with people (see my previous blog ‘where to start’ if you haven’t already read it), creating fresh approaches to service strategies, people management and performance improvement. From all that thinking came sooth consulting.

I’ve previously worked for both a boutique and a large consultancy. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great brands and people, lead some really interesting programmes of work and deliver some creative solutions. Now I’m doing that through the creation of my own consultancy.

Sooth comes from a word meaning trust, fact and reality. These are things that have always been important to me, whether I’m consulting, performing an interim role or in a permanent position - these three elements are essential to success in any relationship - private or professional!

At sooth I’m looking forward to working with people across industries to support them, build on what they’ve already achieved and to overcome problems they and their businesses are facing. I thrive on a challenge and believe ‘there is always a way’.

Rather than try and be all things I’m keen to focus on three areas:

I’ll give more details about each of these services in the (imaginatively titled) ‘services’ page on the website. I’ll also use each of my next three blogs to talk more about each area. I’ll discuss why each area is important for all service organisations, my learnings from over 25 years of working in customer service environments and how I can support you to grow, develop and thrive.

In the meantime I'd love to hear your thoughts, and if you want to know more you can always contact me -

Let's speak soon.

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